Easter Weekend

Easter Holidays

With Christmas arriving in only 268 days or 38 weeks or 6,440 hours … not that I’m counting … the next exciting holiday is Easter.   For Easter some of us go to church and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, some of us don’t celebrate Easter at all; some of us use it as […]



  Although SeaWorld Gold Coast, do not have captivated whales and are not associated with SeaWorld San Diego, Orlando or San Antonio, we feel strongly that no wild animal should be held in captivity for mere entertainment.   Following the unfortunately death of Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, in 2010 who was killed […]

Loving Whales

killer whales

What is it that lures us to become mesmerised by these amazing mammals? Research has shown that whales not only share our kind of intelligence, they also feel the emotions that we feel. They feel empathy and love, they enjoy our applause and presence as much as we appreciate their presence and slap of the […]

Bottlenose dolphins

bottlenose dolphin

Imagine waking up one morning to find yourself unable to leave your bedroom. Imagine yourself looking out the window and no matter how hard you try, how loud you scream, you can’t get out. Sounds like a bad dream, doesn’t it?   Wild animals held in captivity live this bad dream everyday. Bottlenose dolphins in […]

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd

    Whales In Paradise are proud to support Sea Shepherd and their mission to conserve and protect marine ecosystems and species.

Waiting for your return

where are the humpback whales?

Now that the humpback whales have migrated to the polar waters of the Antarctic, where there is an ample amount of krill and small fish to be eaten, we wait impatiently to meet the pod’s newest members.

Humpback Whales Migrate South from Gold Coast

Migrating Humpback Whales

      As the season comes to an end, the humpback whales migrate south from the Gold Coast shores towards the Antarctic where the waters are cool and filled with delicious krill which they feast on to fatten up after their long journey. Krill are small free-swimming crustaceans which are the staple diet of […]

Whale Watching Season Finishing Soon

Whale Watching Season Finishing Soon

Whale watching season finishes on the Gold Coast this weekend, so if you’re hoping to see the whales before they all head back to Antarctica you will need to get in quick. Otherwise, we will be starting our Reef Ryder Island Cruises Gold Coast from the 1st of December through till the 30th of April […]

Whales Don’t Mind The Rain

Even though the weather can look a bit grey outside for us, the whales don’t mind the rain and were happy on this particular cruise last week to show us their acrobatic skills.  It’s so exciting to see the whole pod become so active like this group of humpbacks did.  The humpback whales kept breaching […]

When’s The Best Time To See Whales?

This is the most common question we get asked from curious guests wanting to come out whale watching with us: “When’s the best time to see whales?” With the humpback whales being wild animals, it’s hard for us to predict this as we see something different on every cruise.  But the whales do keep swimming […]