Christmas Parties

Have you been searching for something extra special for your Christmas Party? If you’ve grown tired of the same old office Christmas Party, it’s time to explore the possibility of a party on board our vessel! 

The Scene Is Set
A Christmas party on board our boat will make for some very fun times. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the blue oceans and the Australian skies truly shine at night. Whether it’s a Christmas party for work, the family, or just a group of friends, our boat can accommodate you. Your friends will be shocked and amazed at the creativity displayed by deciding to host the party aboard a ship instead of on land.

Get a full 360 Degree view of your surroundings while on our sturdy vessel. Your party will glide smoothly over the calm blue waters. You have never experienced such a serene Christmas party as you will on our chartered boat.

Bring The Party To Life!

The beauty of a party on our boat is that you are secluded from others. You don’t have to worry about keeping it down or watching your voices while aboard our ship. You can get as lively as you would like and celebrate your Christmas to the maximum.

Feel free to have some drinks while on the boat as well. You can unwind and really enjoy your Christmas with your friends with our Christmas Party Cruise.

Our complete surround sound system will allow you to play your favorite Christmas or party music throughout the entire event. This will help set the atmosphere for the day and help bring your party together.

We Can Accommodate You

Plan your cruise for up to 4 hours. This helps give you some flexibility as to what type of event you plan on hosting. Do you want a small gift exchange event that will only last a couple hours? Or do you want to have a complete Christmas party filled with dinner, exchanging gifts, dancing and a full on celebration? Our packages are designed to fit any type of Christmas party.

Our vessel can support up to 70 people as well, so you can make it a complete family Christmas party or bring all of your coworkers or employees along. There is plenty of room on the boat for everyone to walk around on the deck or relax in either the upstairs or downstairs lounge.

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